Board of Directors
 Summerfield Recreation Committee (SRA) 
The SRA is headed by a Board of Directors responsible for overseeing all the activities that take place in the Community Center. The Board is made up of a representative of each of the five Homeowner Associations within Summerfield.
 2020 Board Directors and Officers
Kathleen Hamilton, Homestead, Chairperson
Merle Stoltzfus, Secretary
Mary Anne Corcoran, Derby
Mike Gage, Churchill 
Joe Hojnacki, Churchill
Jennifer Rickards, Ascot
Richard Gallagher, Stoneridge
Board of Directors Goals and Objectives
Improve communications with residents
Develop core volunteers to assist SRA Committees when needed
Increase the number of leased events held at the Community Center
Encourage and Support recreational activities in the community
SRA Committees
There are 4 standing committees under the responsibility of the Board. The Committees meet once a month.
Activities Committee - The Activities Committee is responsible for activities that are planned and held at the Community Center for the benefit and enjoyment of all Summerfield families.
Building Use Committee - The Building Use Committee is responsible for drafting the rules and regulations governing the use of the Community Center as well as overseeing the leasing of the Community Center to private events. The BUC has a separate category for use of the CC for Summerfield clubs/groups. For Application and Policies click the links.
Architectural & Maintenance Committee - The Architectural & Maintenance Committee is responsible for maintaining the overall appearance of the Community Center and keeping the building in working order.
Finance/Audit Committee - The Finance & Audit Committee oversees the budgeting process and financial activities of the Community Center.