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Summerfield at Elverson
Summerfield at Elverson is located in Elverson, Pennsylvania in beautiful rural Chester County, directly on the border of Berks County.  Route 23 and Route 401 pass through Elverson. 
Summerfield Recreation Association Mission Statement  
 We will work together to foster a vibrant community by providing a facility that promotes an inviting and welcoming environment which can be used for events and activities that encourage valuable relationships and enduring friendships within and between the member associations and their families.
Summerfield History
In the mid 1960's, Ammon P. Stoltzfus, son of an Amish farmer, began a contracting firm. Leaning on a rich heritage of hard work and faith in God, Ammon and his wife, Barbara, along with their seven children kept the business going while simultaneously working their large poultry farm.
The 1970's opened a new chapter in the business, as Ammon's sons, Merle and David, joined the company, expanding the custom home building and commercial aspects of the growing enterprise. The company continued to expand throughout the following decade, building their reputation as a builder of high quality homes and commercial structures.
As the 1980's came to an end, Ammon's vision for both the contracting business and the farm blended together in Summerfield at Elverson - the company's first large-scale community. For years he told his family, "Someday, we'll grow houses on this land." Merle and David were delighted with this prospect, for they had spent many a summer day picking rocks out of the stony ground.